Mentoring is critical for future behavior analysts and is a foundational component of the BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons program. Graduates cite the mentoring component as the part of the program that most prepared them to be effective practitioners. Our faculty members build relationships with students to help them find success both in the program and throughout their careers.

Our rigorous mentoring component not only fulfills a key requirement to sit for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) examination, but also promotes mastery of behavior analytic principles. The component is twofold to ensure a high-quality experience.

“I think that the mentoring and supervision program at Simmons separates Simmons graduates apart. As someone who is now responsible for hiring behavior analysts, I know that when I see an application from a Simmons student, they’ll have very strong behavior analytic writing and fluency.”
—Ashley Williams ’12SW, Behavior Analysis

Group Mentoring: Students meet weekly with their classmates and dedicated faculty to share experiences and receive feedback on techniques and best practices. Our faculty members act as mentors and closely monitor each student’s progress.

Individual Mentoring: Students must receive individual mentoring from a Simmons mentor. This provides students with feedback and guidance to ensure mastery of concepts and implementing procedures.