The BehaviorAnalysis
@Simmons Student Experience


Through a blend of live online classes, self-paced assignments, and the inclusion of mentoring hours in the curriculum, the Simmons online learning experience encourages students to actively participate in their learning as they prepare to take and pass the Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) exam. BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons is designed to enable working professionals to earn their Master of Science in Behavior Analysis online while honoring their professional and personal commitments.

Live Online Classes

Students interact with Simmons' expert faculty and fellow aspiring behavior analysis professionals in real-time, weekly online classes held via webcam. Classes have an approximate 17:1 student-to-faculty ratio, enabling greater access to faculty and a more intimate class setting to discuss applied behavior analytic principles and their numerous applications.

To reinforce their learning outside of class, students can rewatch recordings of previous classes.

Interactive Self-Paced Coursework

Each week, BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons students complete multimedia coursework that prepares them for the next live class session. Weekly deadlines accommodate students with busy or unpredictable schedules, allowing them to complete the coursework on their own time throughout the week. The rigorous, thought-provoking assignments may include watching lectures or interviews and responding to discussion questions through writing or video.

Mentoring and Supervision

To further prepare students to take and pass the BCBA® exam, BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons incorporates a significant mentoring and supervision component into the program — an element that many other programs do not include and would thus require students to research, schedule, and pay for on their own. As part of the curriculum, students will fulfill the maximum number of hours of mentoring and supervision required to sit for the BCBA® exam and receive the real-life group training and individual feedback they need to become effective practitioners.

Learn more about the mentoring requirement for BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons.

LinkedIn Premium Career Access

As a student in BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons, you receive complimentary LinkedIn Premium Career access. LinkedIn Premium Career gives you the tools to showcase your new behavior analysis skills, boost your professional growth, and feel more confident in your job search. You will gain access to a suite of career-enhancing benefits, including interactive interview preparation, insights on salary and earning potential, a library of videos to sharpen your skills, and the ability to directly contact recruiters and hiring managers using InMail.

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Student Support Services

Simmons always places our students’ needs at the center of our programs. As one of Simmons’ four core values, student support is at the heart of our educational philosophy. Our expert faculty members are available to meet with students one-on-one, and other Simmons advisors guide and support students during the program.


Simmons assigns an admission counselor to all prospective students to walk them through the application process.


Once students are admitted into BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons, our student support team provides technical support and course registration assistance and guides students on how to navigate the online campus and access resources.


A dedicated academic advisor guides students as they work to achieve their academic objectives. Students in the online behavior analysis program can access Simmons resources such as our digital library and career services.

Graduation and beyond

Simmons invites graduates of the online program to join their online and on-campus peers in Boston for Simmons’ commencement ceremony. After graduating, students receive lasting support and resources through our global alumni community.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Request information today to learn more about how BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons can help you meet the requirements to sit for and pass the BCBA® exam and make a difference in others’ lives.